After Year Two -
Free Easy Piano Sheet Music

Free easy piano sheet music for your students who are past beginner level!  

Now students start using moving chords in the left hand, requiring more hand coordination.  Also, the range of notes is greater than in Year One and After Year One.

Free easy piano sheet music for After Year Two of piano, Hava Nagilah

America (My Country 'Tis of Thee)

A fairly easy arrangement of this song, with some parallel motion and some solid and broken chords.

Angel in the Sky

A pretty song with a repeated chord pattern, with lyrics that can be sung.

This song is about missing a friend.

Bach Minuet in G

Three different "arrangements" of the minuet are on this page, including the original!

Bach Prelude in C

This is the real thing; three pages.

Also on this page you will find a four-measure introductory version of this pretty prelude, written with large notes to alleviate the fear of sixteenth notes for newbies!

Gentle-sounding and beautiful, this repetitious piece made of chord inversions is a good choice for a church prelude, or for weddings.


This is a long song! 

But it is just what some kids like.

Lots of good left hand chord practice!

Brian Boru's March, a lovely Irish tune with a vigorous left hand and also broken chords.

Brian Boru's March

This is exciting and vigorous - and beautiful as well!  

Don't miss Brian Boru.

Burleske, or Burlesque, a piano piece by Leopold Mozart, for intermediate students.

Burlesque, by Leopold Mozart

This piece is by Mozart's father.

It is a catchy piece, with a repeating left hand.

The right hand presents much opportunity for finger replacement practice, a necessary skill for pianists!

Your fingering choices may be different than mine, but try them out!

Cat Came Back

This is a very fun song.  

Several versions are on this page, with slight alterations in the melody to make it easier to play for some students.

Piano sheet music for

Come Ye Sinners, one of the old gospel hymns

This pretty tune has several different sets of lyrics.

You may recognize it from movies set in olden days.

Cowboy's Lament (I'm Going to Leave Old Texas)

A favorite cowboy song of mine, with a great bass patterns that sounds like a horse loping along.

Egyptian Dance

A beautiful, mysterious-sounding piece that sounds much harder than it actually is.

Two times through the melody, with a slight change in the left hand the second time through, makes this a quickly-learned challenge for many students!

Erie Canal

Not hard, but with shifting hand positions.  

This is a 2-page longer version than my other, shorter arrangements.

Funeral March, Chopin's scary Halloween music!

This ominous melody with the somber chords is very spooky...

Fur Elise written with quarter notes, in 6/4 time instead of 3/8.  Easy to read for piano beginners.

Fur Elise original (part 1)

This is the real thing, except that I've written it with QUARTER NOTES instead of the usual sixteenths and eighths.

So much easier to read.

Two pages - this is just part one of Fur Elise.

German Dance, by Beethoven

An intricate scalar right hand melody with many fingering details.

Fortunately, the left hand is fairly static, but exciting with its big octaves!

The very first line of the melody has a naturally soaring feeling of climax - very fun!

God is So Good

This is the most difficult arrangement of this little song - still pretty easy!

Goober Peas easy piano songs for kids

A funny song about Civil War soldiers munching peanuts (known as "goober peas").

This is a cute song with an adorable melody.

Happy Birthday sheet music for piano

Happy Birthday

There are a number of arrangements on this page, including very EASY beginner arrangements with shared-hands for the melody.

This one starts with an exciting rolled chord, and uses chord inversions in the left hand.

Harp Ballad printable sheet music for piano

An important piece in my studio.

A beautiful melody is juxtaposed with a repeating left hand pattern, which breaks away into long climbing chords in part 2.

The hand coordination practice is invaluable, and marks a milestone for students.

Hava Nagilah folk sheet music

A piece with lots of energy and excitement, not to mention hand coordination challenges!

Two pages.

House of the Rising Sun chords

A terrific old song made famous by a group called "The Animals" back in the 60's.

How Doth the Little Crocodile easy piano songs for beginners

A creepy-sounding melody to accompany the Lewis Carroll poem found in Alice in Wonderland.

It sounds very crocodile-like in a natural way!

Hungarian Dance

Okay; this one is actually a DUET. 

The secondo part is tricky enough to qualify to be in this harder page of music; the primo is for younger players.

This is one of Brahms's most exciting pieces!

Check out a fancy version of the Pachelbel Canon that even elementary students can play!

Irish Wedding free printable sheet music

This is the most difficult of the several versions that I have on this website.  

Page one, still EASY.

But page two, not shown here, is quite challenging, with octave broken chords in the right hand, and octave jumps in the left hand chords.



A cute song from Australia about a bird whose call sounds like laughter.

This song is also a round.

Lake Pirates free printable piano sheet music - modeled after The Hobbit Soundtrack, Hobbit 3!

This 3-page song is a LOT of FUN to play.

Surprisingly easy - it is set in the key of Cm, with a simple repeating left hand - and only a couple of complicated parts!

A favorite with my students.

Largo, from the New World Symphony

A famous and beautiful theme.

It does indeed evoke the spacious expanses of the "new world," as Dvorak called America.

Built around a C chord, mostly.

Lavender's Blue - the Cinderella song lyrics!

This pretty melody was used in a recent Cinderella movie, where Cinderella, trapped in the attic, sings the song and is rescued by the prince.

Simple chords and inversions make up the left hand.

The right hand is as easy as can be...

Louie Louie

I use this set of chords as an exercise, that sounds like real music.

It is ALMOST the same as the real Louie, Louie, with one chord alteration.

Shown here is the second level, employing chord inversions instead of plain root chords only.

Minka easy piano songs

Five different arrangements of this frenzied little tune.

I say "frenzied," because there is a real urgency in this music that hastens the player along!

Very fun.

Morning Has Broken

So far, this music only comes as a lead sheet.

But part of becoming an accomplished pianist is figuring out how to add chords to a melody.

Don't miss this pretty one!

My Country, 'Tis of Thee (America)

A favorite old song of the United States - though it was originally from Great Britain.

Sheet music for piano the Pachelbel Canon

Pachelbel Canon in D longer

You can look at several levels of arrangements of the Canon on this page.

One thing that will be plain to you immediately is that this arrangement is not in the key of D!

But along with the key of C, you will also find a download in the key of D.

Rain, Rain, Go Away beginner keyboard music sheets, free

See this page for a duet and an easier version of this song.

Red River Valley

I loved this song as a kid.  

I still love it!  

Several different arrangements, for the cowboy-loving students in your midst.


Very pretty, a Japanese song about cherry blossoms.

Evocative and mood-setting, with opportunities for expression.

Streets of Laredo - free piano sheets online

Three different arrangements of this old cowboy song.  

This is a sad one, but pretty.

Swan Lake easy piano sheet music

There are three arrangements of Tchaikovsky's ballet theme on this page:

This early intermediate (late elementary) version shown here, and two very simple beginner arrangements.

One has a beautiful secondo part to turn the song into a duet!

Sheet music for Twinkle Twinkle Little Star for piano

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

This pretty and delicate-sounding arrangement is only ONE of the versions you will find on the Twinkle page for piano.

Learn the melody, the basic chords, and get fancier and fancier!

Waltzing Matilda

What Will We Do With a Drunken Sailor

Yellow Rose of Texas

Yo Ho Ho

Not really that hard, and a lot of big sound!

Two pages, with some finger-replacement and hand shifting.

Zum Gali Gali

A Hebrew song, with perhaps a bit of Yiddish mixed into the lyrics!

A mesmerizing and lovely melody - minor, of course!

Give your students the joy of learning Beethoven's famous Für Elise in an easy-to-read format... every note from the ORIGINAL piece is here  in this beautiful new setting

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