There is a Happy Land
A Sacred Harp Hymn

There is a Happy Land, an older hymn, is a favorite at Sacred Heart Big Singing events. With a simple, pleasing melody and joyful lyrics, it may become a favorite with you and many of your students!

Happy Land music for piano

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What makes this song special?

Little House in the Big Woods book

Besides having a sweet melody and happy words, this song is tied to the stories told by Laura Ingalls Wilder - a historical book series beloved by generations - the "Little House" books.  Little House in the Big Woods, Little House On the Prairie, The Long Winter (my personal favorite), and more, all telling the story of Laura's growing up years in the American West.

In the key of C, easy piano

Happy Land piano music

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I have read that "There is a Happy Land" was a favorite song of Laura's mother (known to readers of her books as simply "Ma"), and that not only did she sing this song to comfort the girls and lull them to sleep, but that she wanted it sung at her own funeral.

A relaxed performance of this hymn:

For early beginners, Happy Land

Beginner music Happy Land

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The Middle C arrangement above has no chord symbols.  This will make it easier for your student to focus on the notes.

Below is shown the same arrangement, but with chords - that is, a single chord!  The chords in this pretty hymn move too quickly for beginners to turn them into an accompaniment!

Happy Land Middle C piano song

Students will turn a shared-hands arrangement into a one-hand solo

It is often the case with my students that they will be so fond of a song, that they will teach themselves to play the left-hand notes of a Middle C arrangement with their right hand, when I could never teach them how!  At least, I couldn't teach them with a fingering that made sense to ME.

This may happen all on its own because they are eager to add the chords with their left hand. 

And this may very well happen with a song like "Happy Land."

The links for the piano arrangements:

Download There is a Happy Land easy piano in C

Download Laura Ingalls Wilder music for piano in the key of F

The links for the beginner Middle C arrangements:

Download hymn for early beginners, with no chord symbol

Download Happy Land hymn in Middle C position with chords

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