Chopsticks Music
Piano Duets & Solos

Chopsticks music is easy to play by rote - incorrectly!  Sharpen up your students' abilities with duet & solo sheets showing chords & accurate melodies.

Below are several arrangements that represent the most familiar versions of Chopsticks, and now, Parts 2 AND 3!

Start with the melody - make a duet

Chopsticks music for piano

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Everybody thinks they know it already

It's funny how many kids THINK they know how to play Chopsticks!  Almost uniformly, kids play what they think is the pattern, with 5 beats, or 7 beats, per note cluster.  Also, they progress straight out from the first melody note (G) to an A, instead of holding on to the G through the first measure of C chords.

Chopsticks music for piano - sheet music

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Separate voices, separate hands

The first sheet, above, shows "soprano" and "alto" voices, or right and left hand index fingers playing the notes.  That is why I have arranged the note stems up, or down.  (I always call index fingers "pointer fingers" for my students.)

This is truly the easiest way to play the Chopsticks piano music, though you may be surprised at students' hesitancy over some of the notes, even with "helper" AlphaNotes inside the note-heads.  I think this is because they are expecting to hear something a little different.  Like all "folk" or "traditional" music, variations will be found.

I found it helped to cover their hands for some of the notes, so they were forced to look up at the "music map."

For students with more ability...

Piano sheet music "Chopsticks" Part 3

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As you can see, the eighth notes will require some extra coordination, whether students are playing this as a duet, or as a solo!

However, I have been playing Part 3 with my students as they play the chords, so they already have the melody and rhythm burned into their brains (I hope).  This is new, uncharted territory, as this Part 3 sheet was just completed a few days ago!

How to play the Chopsticks chords

Piano chords for Chopsticks duet music

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The chord pages - or secondo duet parts - differ slightly.  Above, you see root position chords.  That is, a G7 chord which has "G" on the bottom of the chord, and a C chord that has "C" at the base of the chord.

G7 is a big chord, but getting familiar with this chord is actually my primary reason for introducing Chopsticks to my students.  They know the little G7 "pinch chord" from their early songs such as Mary Had a Little Lamb; here, they will encounter and learn well the full chord.  Then they can transfer that knowledge over to other keys.

A walking bass

Not too much harder to play, here is a descending bass line.

Secondo part for piano arrangement of Chopsticks

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The "walking bass" gives energy and direction to the music, and keeps it from being all the same.

There is more to Chopsticks

Part 2 of Chopsticks piano sheet music

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This pretty little melody looks harder than it is - all the notes move stepwise, or are repeated notes.  It follows very nicely after the main theme.

All together now - make it a solo!

Once students are very smooth with the separate parts, and can play the primo all with one hand (the stretch of the octave is a determining factor), and the secondo all with one hand, then it's time to put the parts together.

Here it is, with the chords as repetitious as they can be:

Chopsticks solo for piano, with G7 and C root position chords

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The walking bass in the solo:

Piano solo "Chopsticks" sheet music

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Harder: left hand chord inversions

Chopsticks piano solo, with left hand chord inversions

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Now we're talking about some skill - and some music theory too!  With chord inversions in the left hand, the next step will be some (very easy) Chopin waltzes!  Can your students recognize chords when they are in inverted form?

Help prepare them with my scales and chords pages...

Chopsticks music for piano, with a walking bass

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The free piano sheet music, Chopsticks:

The links to the duets:

Download the easy shared-hands melody 

Download Chopsticks music lead sheet, the same melody all with one hand

Download the Chopsticks piano music bass clef secondo part

Download Chopsticks song secondo with walking bass

Download the different melody, Part 2

Download Part 3 of Chopsticks

The links to the solos:

Download the solo with plain root position chords

Download the solo with root position chords plus a walking bass

Download the solo with left hand chord inversions

Download the solo with left hand chord inversions plus a walking bass

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