Early Beginner sheet music for piano, free! 

Sheet music for piano, free early beginner sheets.  Paper keyboards, scales,  chords, exercises, and simple songs that focus on Middle C.  These are the first things I use with my students!

Piano Keyboard Charts
 - a necessity for beginners

Piano Scales Sheet Music - 2 different kinds of scales

  These exercises train students to follow note directions

ABC & CDE  Simple little songs, very easy!

Black Keys songs  - These songs are SO EASY to read! Your students will ask for a new one every week.

Cat Came Back- This song has fun lyrics, & just 5 notes, to fit nicely into one hand.

C&B  & C&D  Super-easy note-reading songs.

Dueling C's    Both right and left hands want to play Middle C! 

Fuzzy Wuzzy A Middle C song about the bear with no hair.

God is So Good
   Just five notes make up this sweet song.  Add chords if you like...

   Yes, but this is the CHORDS, not the melody.  After your students can make the second kind of scales plus chords, they will be ready to start this beautiful piece. 

Indian Dance
  A huge favorite with my students.  It does not sound like a beginner piece, but trust me, it is!

Jingle Bells
   Familiar songs are always rewarding to students.

Kum Ba Yah
  Not hard for a child who knows the tune.

Lavender's Blue
  Very popular with young girls, particularly if you share the Cinderella videos on this page with them!

Louie Louie
  Essential (in my studio) for understanding the relationship of the I, IV, and V chords.  VERY FUN.

Mary Had a Little Lamb

Foundational.  Students will transpose this and add chords to it, and use it as a foundation from year to year.

Music Alphabet Song  From A below Middle C up to G above, each note is played multiple times in a row, forward and backward, with words to sing along!

Ode to Joy
  Kids are happy to learn this famous song by Beethoven.

Peck! Peck! Peck!
  This little song about chickens getting their breakfast stays very close to Middle C, moving stepwise in a predictable (but cute) fashion.

Pizza Please
  Better known as "Hot Cross Buns..."

Sharks  This song has a familiar theme... very ominous-sounding, with only three notes!

   This set of exercises is like "Wormies" but with lots more notes.

Snakes Go for a Walk   And this exercise adds skips!

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star  The famous tune all children know

  One slow note at a time, play up or down - or the same note again.

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