Easy Piano Sheet Music
Swan Lake 

Easy piano sheet music Swan Lake solos & duets, with lyrics in the beginner arrangements for dreamy students who love imagining... A new SHORT arrangement with broken chords for any child who loves the mysterious sound of the minor scale, and two new versions using a combination of broken chords and solid chord inversions, which are a bit easier to play.

A shorter arrangement

Swan Lake easy piano music

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Before your pianists try this arrangement, make sure they are familiar with Basic Chords, as I call them.  These are the I, IV, & V chords with inversions.  If they have mastered the left hand fingering, this piece will fall into place.

The hardest part of this page is when the melody dips into the bass clef, with the ledger line note "F."  I suggest demonstrating that to your student right away, then having them try it a few times.  If they have already encountered Swan Lake in the simplest version below, it will make sense to them.

A very simple version for beginners

Sheet music Swan Lake with lyrics for beginning piano

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The main theme, with all broken chords

Sheet music of Swan Lake theme

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Any child who has mastered the first part of the page Basic Piano Chords will be able to understand the Am to Dm inversion broken chords shown above.  It's just like the C chord moving to F/C, where C stays in the bass and the top notes move.

The melody is easily mastered, as the right hand never has to move!

The main theme plus development

Swan Lake theme, for intermediate or late elementary piano, with broken chords and inversions.

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Starting on measure 16, the right hand melody climbs and climbs up to high B, in measure 23.  It may look confusing to music readers who aren't familiar with these higher notes.

Sometimes good fingering can be magical

Here is a fingering which takes you all the way from initial note A up to high B:

1 2 3 4, 1 2 3... etc.

What do I mean?  I mean, instead of tucking under after finger 3 as we ordinarily do with ascending right hand scales, tuck under after finger 4, and you are set!   All the notes will have a finger for them.  The way BACK DOWN will require a bit more imagination... that's one reason that I left fingering off.

Although the left hand picks up and moves, all but one of the chords in Part B is a root position chord, making this part easier than it looks. (But the solid chord version shown below is much easier...)

The Swan Lake theme

Page 2 of the early intermediate version

Page 2 of Swan Lake piano

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Here is a close-up look at page one, the beginning:

A closeup look at piano arrangement for late elementary piano, Swan Lake

Here is the bottom of the page, where the theme changes, and the chord progressions move more quickly:

Closeup look at Swan Lake solo

The long version with some solid chords

Ballet music Swan Lake

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Measure 18 of this long version differs from the all-broken chords arrangement before it; the solid chords are SIGNIFICANTLY EASIER to master for less-skilled players.  Also, the chords of this section are all in root position.  Easy-peasy!

Page 2:

swan lake easy piano music

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Here is a beginner's arrangement of this classical piece from the ballet repertoire of Tchaikovsky, sent to me by Tabitha S. Kierszka.

Tabitha is a piano teacher, arranger and composer from the Netherlands, where Swan Lake is called "Het Zwanenmeer." This easy arrangement lays nicely in the hands of a beginner.  

Swan Lake / Het Zwanenmeer sheet music

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Though this version of the ballet Swan Lake theme is so simple, the mind of a child can supply all the mystery of the orchestral background as their fingers move over the keys -- especially if you introduce them to it. 

Even lovelier as a duet

To turn this piece into a duet, try broken Am chords played quickly from left to right and held, followed by an F broken chord, and ending with a deep Am again.

Another beautiful harmonization is the progression Am - Dm - Am - Dm - Am.

When your student plays Swan Lake at home, the ear of the imagination will fill in the missing harmony. (At least I think it will -- I could always hear the missing orchestra in my head as a kid! How about you?) 

An easy version with a touch of harmony

Now here is my own easy piano sheet music or duet primo for Swan Lake: unlike Tabitha, I didn't add any dynamic markings.  But this arrangement differs by adding an Am chord every few measures:

Swan Lake easy piano sheet music, with a bit of harmony.

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Full of skips (intervals of thirds), but pretty easy!

And here is a duet, with both primo and secondo on the same sheet:

Swan Lake piano duet for early beginner (primo) and intermediate to advanced (secondo) players.

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Look at all those rolled chords!  Actually, just TWO rolled chords, again and again.

A good duet for siblings

The secondo part will require some skill with chord inversions - excellent practice for an intermediate-level older sister or brother, to play along with a younger sibling.

Notice how the rolled chords climb from the bass clef up into the treble clef in measure four, then jump back down to bass clef again:

Swan Lake duet for piano, a closeup look.

The secondo looks harder than it really is; the hands are parallel all the way through.

I hope your students enjoy these arrangements of Swan Lake!

The links to the piano music:

Download short version of the easy piano sheet music with broken chords & solid chord inversions (top of the page)

Download beginner arrangement with lyrics

Download short version of Swan Lake with broken chords

Download Swan Lake intermediate solo, long, with broken chords

Download the long intermediate arrangement with some solid left hand chords

Download free easiest beginner sheet music Swan Lake from Tabitha in the Netherlands

Download easy piano sheet music Swan Lake with a bit of harmony

Download Swan Lake duet with both primo and secondo on the page

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