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Music education tools such as free printable guitar chord charts, piano scales, printable music notes, piano keyboards, free guitar tablature and staff paper, flashcards, advice, and more!

Along with printable piano music, free vocal music, and free guitar tabs, this site offers scales and other music education resources.

Look for singing warmups (vocalises), piano chord theory sheets, charts for keeping track of skills learned, and lesson sheet templates for guitar, piano, and voice. The pages aren't all here yet, but they will be!

These pages have been student-tested; I use all these pages myself in my teaching.

Piano Teaching Tools

12 Major Scales and Chords for Piano - all the major keys, with one and two-octave scales, arpeggios, chord inversions, & primary chords

12 Minor Scales and Chords for Piano - these pages are organized just like the major keys, above, but are minor.

Basic Piano Chords & Scales - with lettered notes for beginners

Best Piano Books! - Not a long list, this page discusses the method books and supplementary music that I keep coming back to, and even rely on

Exercises for Technique, Theory, & Transposing

Free Printable Flashcards

Giant Flashcards for Games

Hanon - a guest post on how best to use Hanon piano exercises

Louie Louie  I, IV, V Chords

Note-Naming Worksheets

Piano Chord Chart for Major and Minor Chords

Piano Keyboard Diagram

Piano Scales Sheet Music for Beginners, with letters

Reading Piano Music - Note-reading Difficulties

Reluctant Learner - tips for a challenging child

Rote Learning for Music Teaching

Staff Paper PDFs

Studio Favorite (Currently)

Super Teacher Worksheets - some of Aloys Schmitt's exercises - see some creative ways to use these finger exercises

Guitar Teaching Tools

Flashcards for Guitar

Beginner Guitar Chords

Big Guitar Chords

Guitar Chord Charts - make your own with Excel

Guitar Chord Families

Guitar Chord Charts, Blank

Guitar Tablature/ Piano Staff Notation Charts

Guitar Tablature, Blank

Reluctant Learner - tips for a challenging child

Singing Warm-Ups & Vocalises:

Animal Sounds Vocal Warm-Ups

Vocal Warm-Ups for Morning

Vocal Warm-Ups for Singing Through the Break

Vocalises for
Beginners Encouraging Resonance

Singing Vocal Technique for Finding a New Key/Tonality

Vocal Teaching Tips

How to Teach Voice if You are a Beginning Teacher

Teaching Singing to Elementary Students

General Teaching Strategies & Assistance

Beautiful Music - Feed Children's Longings for Truth & Beauty

Beginning Piano Lessons - Teaching the Reluctant Learner

Best Piano Books

Left Hand or Right Hand Only - Students with One Hand

MusicLink Foundation - Assist Needy Students

Reading Piano Music - Notereading Difficulties

Reluctant Learner - tips for a challenging child

Rote Learning for Music Teaching

Staff Paper PDFs

Studio Favorite - Currently!

Teaching Singing to Elementary Students

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    Down by the Salley Gardens is a pretty English song with poetic words by William Butler Yeats. Download piano & vocal & lead sheets in several keys!

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  5. Toccata by Monteverdi, Free Brass Ensemble, for Group Piano

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    Thought you would like to know about the four new inventions for handicapped children who are now able to play ukulele with their classmates... See Facebook

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  7. When the Saints Go Marching In Sheet Music

    When the Saints Go Marching In is an old and still popular song that has only FIVE NOTES - ideal for a young musician! Get the piano sheet music or lead sheets here, free.

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  8. Piano Sheet Music for Kids "Kookaburra," from Australia!

    Piano sheet music for kids "Kookaburra" is one of those famous songs a lot of us remember from childhood! Now offered as a vocal round in the key of C, this song from Australia is very fun to sing!

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  9. The Moldau Solo & Duet Easy Beginner Piano Sheet Music

    The Moldau, now with a secondo duet part for beginning piano. This famous piece is one of the most beautiful themes of Romantic orchestral literature.

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Esther: I am currently teaching piano to special needs students. The regular Bastien or Alfreds materials are too long and move too quickly. Note …

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Thank you so much for this valuable site. I really appreciate the scales, chords and arpeggios included on the scale sheets. They include everything …

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Thank you so much for this excellent site. I am an adult student at Grade 3 ABRSM level, in Ireland. I returned to learning piano after many years since …

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