How to Practice Reading Music

How to practice reading music... PAINLESSLY. Sheet music reading practice that is more like a game than an exercise. Reading a music sheet tends to be a CHORE for young players, but not these sheets!

Reading a music staff exercise

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Music intervals practice

Jumping Fleas and Leaping Kangaroos are first a challenge for the eyes, then for the fingers, guessing how far to go on the keyboard.

Like Wormies and Snakes and Crickets Go Hopping, these two new sheets are focusing not on note identities, but on the intervals between notes. As students focus just on reading a music staff, extra details such as rhythm and fear of black keys do not intrude.

Should they be reading actual notes?

With Wormies, Snakes, and Crickets I have written, "Choose any white key," but with Jumping Fleas and Leaping Kangaroos I might just say something like, "Start this on a G, to make it easier for me to follow along." 

Test their understanding

But I don't insist on starting any place in particular - the INTERVAL is the thing here.  And deliberately starting them on a key that would NOT be the actual note if reading on a staff, they are forced to pay closer attention.

What's different about these sheets?

With Snakes and Wormies, students crept from key to key: always to a neighboring key. With Crickets Go Hopping, students also stepped from one key to its neighbor, until SUDDENLY there was a "hop!"

Now in Jumping Fleas, it is mostly all hopping, with unexpected steps and stops, where a note may be repeated.

Recognizing 4ths, 5ths, 6ths, & 7ths

Leaping Kangaroos takes on all of them!

Musical intervals for sightreading

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But will this make a difference in reading a music sheet?

Yes.  I believe it has made a difference with my students.

The nice thing is the transfer of this interval recognition into their regular music. I can say "This spot here is like Jumping Fleas," or, "This is one of those 4ths like in Leaping Kangaroos," or even, "Can you find the 5ths in this line of music?"

Real musical jargon

It also gives us a vocabulary we can use. Now I can say, "These notes are a third apart," or, "This is a jump of a sixth, as in Für Elise and Harp Ballad" (quickly followed by a fast demo of the pertinent measures of those piano pieces).

This can lead in new directions, as in:
What? There are other clef symbols?

Viola clef symbol, or alto clef

Just yesterday one of my older students, a boy who has been playing difficult Beethoven sonatas for some time (but still wants to learn everything by ear!), was made aware that there are other clefs besides treble and bass clefs!  

And he learned WHY this viola or alto clef symbol, which can move up or down, even exists.  [Answer: the instruments which spend a lot of time playing in what would be the ledger line region of the staffs use the different clef symbol to indicate where Middle C is.  Middle C is at the point of the symbol.]

Don't be in a hurry

These are not "one and done" with my students. Instead, I place these interval-reading assignments on their assignment sheets every week, usually with the suggestion to play just one a day. Then on lesson days, I may ask them to pick which one they want to play for me - or I might ask to hear a couple of them.

If one of these pages is baffling to my student, I will have them re-visit Crickets Go Hopping or even Snakes again.

You will KNOW if they are "getting it." When they begin to gain speed with Jumping Fleas, I will add Leaping Kangaroos onto it, without taking Jumping Fleas off the list!

The links for reading notes on sheet music:

How to practice reading music? Download Jumping Fleas! 

Download Leaping Kangaroos

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