Note Reading Worksheets

These note reading worksheets are grand staff, treble clef staff, and bass clef staff sheets.

This first one is a "cheat sheet"; it gives it all away!  Actually, this is perfect for a guide to return to again and again.

The Grand Staff - with lettered notes and clef symbols

Recognizing the placement of the notes on the staff is more than just filling in the blanks on a worksheet.

Your students need practice drawing and naming lines and spaces, whether for reading piano notes on the grand staff, or just using the treble clef for  violin note reading and guitar note reading.

One or more of the lettered-notes guides will be a handy resource for the FRONT of their music binder, while the un-named notes in other sheets will prove useful at lessons!  Consider having them at the ready beside the piano.

Download master grand staff with lettered notes & clef symbols

The grand staffs below are missing the treble and bass clef symbols.  Solution? 

Your student can point with a pencil to the "G clef" line (that is; the treble clef, second line from the bottom) and the "F clef" line (bass clef, second line from the top).

The Grand Staff - with lettered notes

More fun than that would be to laminate the sheet and have them practice drawing those clef symbols with a soft-tipped felt pen.

Download the grand staff with no treble or bass clef symbols

And here is the grand staff with NO NAMES in the notes!

The dashed line connecting the two Middle Cs will help students understand that despite the apparent great chasm between the two staffs, the C notes are one and the same.

The Grand Staff - with plain notes

How obvious that seems, later on; but it is a fact that many students will want to drop their left hand down an octave when they encounter LEFT HAND Middle C!

Download the grand staff notes with no letter names or clef signs

Below are two sheets of just line notes.  The first sheet has clef signs, the second does not.

The Grand Staff - all line notes

The Grand Staff - all line notes and no clef symbols

Does "Every Good Boy Does Fine (on the lines)" work for you?  It only KIND OF works for me, at my studio.  Piano students have too many lines and spaces to get mixed up in.

Download grand staff line notes, with clef symbols

Download the same grand staff with line notes but without clef signs

The Grand Staff with space notes & clef signs

And what about "All Cows Eat Grass"? It is likewise a slippery concept; "Remind me now, WHICH staff has the cow? Top hand? Bottom hand?  And is that lines or spaces?

Space notes on the grand staff

Most of these sheets do not have the clef symbols on them; when music students learn HOW to draw the clef signs and WHERE to place them on the staffs, they have the "Rosetta Stone" of notereading in their grasp!

I will repeat that: WHEN MUSIC STUDENTS LEARN HOW to draw the clef signs and WHERE TO PLACE THEM, they have found the "Rosetta Stone" of note-reading!  

For this reason, I frequently call the treble clef the "G CLEF", and the bass clef the "F CLEF."  

Try drawing your clef symbols as alphabet letter shapes first; I tell my students that the clef symbols originated as old-fashioned Spencerian-style alphabet letters... and I will draw a line of capitol letters from A to G, fancy cursive style, and ask them, "Which letter looks most like the treble clef?"

If they have trouble guessing, then I will give the capitol G an extra "swirl", and the treble clef as well!  That always helps, and for a long time, they may put an extra swirl or two in their treble clefs.

As for the "F clef," it really doesn't look much like a modern letter F, so we have to use our imagination.

On my staff paper PDFs page are some giant BLANK staffs which are the perfect size for using coins as notes.  Ask your students to move their coin along the line and space notes on those sheets.

Download the grand staff with space notes and clef signs

Download grand staff with space notes

This next staff could be anything!  Even viola clef.

Single staff, all the notes showing

This set of notes on the treble clef are minus the clef sign:

Single staff, treble clef, notes with letters

And here is a treble-clef-only reference sheet for violin note reading, guitar note reading,  or reading piano notes! 

Treble clef sheet to print out for violin note reading, guitar note reading, or reading piano notes!

If you are trying to encourage your young guitar players to switch from tablature reading to standard notation, please check out my sheets showing the correlation between the two on the page called "Piano Tablature."

Here is a bass notes staff plus notes, without the clef symbol:

Bass clef line & space notes printable chart

And this page has the clef symbol:

Bass clef line & space notes printable chart

Download the single staffs:

Download the "any clef" single staff, with no lettered notes or clef signs

Download the treble staff with lettered notes

Download the treble clef with lettered notes plus CLEF SIGN

And the bass single staffs:

Download the BASS STAFF with alphanotes

Download the bass staff with alphanotes plus CLEF symbol

I will be using these sheets this fall side-by-side with staff paper, and even just plain paper and the whiteboard.  It's good for students to draw staffs and clef signs entirely by hand.  And it is fun - they love drawing music.

Just for fun, below, The Duttons with their own rendition of the Cups Song ("When I'm Gone") & "Home."

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