Snakes Go for a Walk:
Printable Notes That Move Up and Down, & Sometimes Skip

Snakes Go for a Walk free printable music notes is a set of piano music note exercises that move up and down on the staff with an occasional skip to challenge students!

This free piano music for beginners is a cute and fun page of reading exercises that get progressively harder.  Every movement is either one step away, or a skip away.   

Almost the same as "Snakes," in which the notes move only by steps, "Snakes Go for a Walk" differs by craftily inserting surprise skips into each set of music notes.  And not too many -- students only have to spot 1 skip (or interval of a third) in line 1, 2 skips in line 2, 3 in line 3... you get the idea!

Printable music notes exercise for steps and skips

Download free printable music notes Snakes Go for a Walk 

First one skip, then two, then three, and at last four skips are hidden in the lines of notes. Kids like the challenge of spotting them. The "tunes" are quite unsingable, helping prevent the Snakes from being memorized!

By the time kids have played these at home for a week, they are usually too easy to do again...  So I usually assign them by asking for "Just one a day" to prevent memorizing.  This is important - you don't want these non-melodies to become tedious, and you want each exercise to demand full attention, so I recommend NOT requiring students to go through the whole sheet every day.

Try these exercises as solos to be performed in group classes, with the other kids looking on. Another way to add some "pressure" to the game is to set the metronome to a slow speed...most kids enjoy trying to "win" against the metronome by not getting behind.

These little exercises can also be used (with some imagination) with non-keyboard instruments. 

You will know at once if your students understand the principle of reading notes, when you give them Snakes or Snakes Go for a Walk!

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