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America's National Anthem

Star-Spangled Banner free sheet music for all instruments, now with sheets for bass clef and viola clef!  Download America's national anthem in seven different keys, and the lyrics for one or all four verses!

Here is what the music looks like, with chord symbols:

Star-Spangled Banner lead sheets,

Download free sheetmusic for the national anthem in the key of A

Download free sheetmusic for the national anthem in the key of Bb

Download free sheetmusic in the key of C

Download free sheetmusic for the national anthem in the key of D

Download free sheetmusic in Eb

Download national anthem in F

Download national anthem in G

I plan to put up piano accompaniments for the national anthem as well; for now, I hope the chord symbols help.

And since I started playing cello, I decided that lead sheets for bass clef are in order:

Star-Spangled Banner for bass clef instruments

Download bass clef Star-Spangled Banner in the key of G

Download bass clef national anthem in the key of Bb

Download national anthem in the key of C

Now here are 2 keys for the viola:

Star-Spangled Banner for viola- 2 keys

Download the national anthem for viola in the key of C

Download the Star-Spangled Banner in the key of G

Here are the words to print out, verse 1 -- which will print in landscape mode on your printer (hope you don't have to change any settings, but I'm not making any promises!):

Star-Spangled Banner lyrics verse 1,

Download and print words to the Star-spangled Banner

And the words to all four verses of America's national anthem, which is a two-page document:

Words of Star-Spangled Banner, all 4 verses page 1,

Star-Spangled Banner lyrics all 4 verses, page 2,

Download lyrics to all four verses of the national anthem

My favorite video of the national anthem did not allow embedding, but I'll link here to the Michigan Marching Band -- they are so sharp with their white gloves and precise playing, and the boom of "cannon" fire about halfway through, and then a fly-over by a stealth bomber!


Do you have a funny story about this music, or does it remind you of something you'd like to share with other readers? Do you have a question? I'd love to hear it!

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This song reminds me of my cousin named Justin, who went to the Army and never came back. It was very devastating but then they found him and now he is …

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