Free Ave Maria Sheet Music
& English version, Father Almighty

This free Ave Maria sheet music fulfills the desire for wedding ceremony music that is elegant and beautiful. There are many musical settings for the text "Ave Maria," but the one by Bach/Gounod is one of the most famous, and makes the loveliest of wedding songs.

With alternative English words addressed to God the Father, this free wedding sheet music joins the ranks of Protestant Christian wedding songs. Yes, the Latin words are here too.

I have set it in multiple keys, (and in English as well) so that most instrumentalists can play it, as well as most vocalists sing it. Look down the page for the free lead sheets in both languages, and also for downloadable piano accompaniments (unlike most of the music on my site, those ones are FOR SALE).

Here is famous soprano Kathleen Battle:

This first group of free Ave Maria sheet music lead sheets uses the Latin lyrics:

free Ave Maria sheet music,

wedding music Ave Maria

Download free Ave Maria sheet music in the key of A

Download free wedding music in the key of C

Download free wedding song Ave Maria in the key of D

Download Ave Maria sheet music in the key of Eb

Download wedding ceremony music Ave Maria in the key of F

Download Ave Maria sheet music in the key of G

See the note ranges of Ave Maria in the different keys, below:

Note ranges for Ave Maria in different keys

Here is the Latin Ave Maria with piano accompaniment. Unlike most of my public domain arrangements and music, it is not free, but is for sale. I am charging $5.00 for UNLIMITED COPIES, in all 6 keys!!

Buy Ave Maria Latin vocal & piano accompaniment in all 6 keys, with the right to make unlimited copies, $5.00!

Buy Now

Here is what the Latin version (the original), pages 1 and 3 of the 4-page document, look like:

Ave Maria with piano accompaniment,

Ave Maria sheetmusic

Pages 2 & 4, below, are shown in the English version, Father Almighty.   You can buy this version in the keys of A, C, D, F, and G - $5 for all the keys, unlimited copies:

Bach-Gounod Ave Maria, in English
Ave Maria by Bach and Charles Gounod,

Buy this beautiful song in English in all 5 keys for $5.00 - with the right to make UNLIMITED COPIES!

Buy Now

And now, here is the lead sheet for the English adaptation of Ave Maria, "Father Almighty."  When I looked for wedding songs for my own wedding (many years ago!), none of the Christian wedding songs seemed as beautiful to me as this English prayer. 

free Ave Maria sheet music in English

Father Almighty wedding music,

Download Father Almighty sheet music in the key of A

Download free Ave Maria sheet music in C

Download Father Almighty sheet music in D

Download Father Almighty sheet music in Eb

Download Father Almighty sheet music in F

Download Father Almighty sheet music in G

For non-Catholic Christians, and particularly for wedding ceremony music, the English words substituted here, "Father Almighty... Lord, we adore Thee...etc." are much more meaningful. The prayer ends with the words "Hear us, oh hear us, and let Thy blessing rest on us." This is how it was sung at my wedding, but I do not know who wrote the English words, as I can't find them anymore!

Again, the note ranges of the song, below:

This is the vocal range for the different keys of Ave Maria/Father Almighty

So why should you buy Ave Maria (Latin) or Father Almighty (English adaptation) arrangements from me, aside from the fact that it is hard to find, and there are no other English adaptations available (that I know of)?

I give you permission to make UNLIMITED COPIES, for YOUR STUDENTS ONLY, of these two arrangements.

This song is available immediately as a digital download onto your computer.  In 5 keys, for English ("Father Almighty") and 6 keys for Latin, "Ave Maria"!

You don't have to download any new software into your computer in order to download this PDF. I don't know about you, but I hate clogging up my computer with yet another program I didn't know I needed. You just need a version of Adobe Acrobat or another PDF reader, which all computers come with. If you DON'T have Adobe Acrobat or a similar program, then you couldn't download any of my other PDFs either.

Speaking of reading the music, you can print this music on any kind of paper you want, and thus avoid the glare of shiny pages (so irritating for accompanists!).

Write and make notes all over these copies, in red and other colors, without feeling you are spoiling your music for posterity. I dislike messing up my music books, but learning the piece is always the first priority. These printouts will make great working copies.

Do you need a letter of permission in order to use this music at a competition? Write me through the Contact Me form, and I will email you a personal letter.

I give you permission to make UNLIMITED COPIES legally (for your students only). When you need music, you usually need it NOW.  Your accompanist, your soloist-student... let them have this music without fear of copyright infringement.   And help them learn respect for the musician's trade!

Paypal, the payment system I use, is a secure and recognized payment system. You can pay by credit or debit card, or your bank account. E-Junkie delivers the PDF document, working as a partner with PayPal... your purchase is guaranteed.

Buy Ave Maria in Latin, $5.00:

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Get "Father Almighty" in English, $5.00:

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What is interesting about the history of this wedding ceremony music is that J.S.Bach, who wrote the Prelude in C (which forms the underlying harmonic foundation for this song) was a German Protestant. As most musicians know, he wrote great quantities of sacred music, and dedicated his pieces "in the name of Jesus" and "to the glory of God alone." (The Prelude in C is part of a set of 24 paired preludes and fugues for keyboard instrument called "The Well-Tempered Clavier", written in each major and minor key.)

Charles Gounod, who composed the lovely soaring melody and set it over Bach's C Prelude, was a French Catholic who for a time considered entering the priesthood. Like many Catholic composers, he wished to make a setting of the Ave Maria (a prayer to Mary).  It is a beautiful setting.

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