Singing Warm-Ups

Singing warm-ups free printable sheets, for your vocal students.  Address vocal resonance, relaxation, breathing for singing, vocal range, and other issues with these vocal warmups.

Singing Warm-Ups,

Vocal Warm-Ups

I start all voice lessons with singing warm-ups of some kind.

If it is a morning or even early afternoon lesson, the vocal warmups will probably start with humming and careful listening with harmony... a singing exercise that stretches gently and softly.

Animal Sounds warmups for singers

Animal Sounds Vocal Warm-Ups

Hooting like a gorilla, whimpering like a puppy, meowing like a cat, and more... these warmups will help your student begin to understand resonance in the mask, how to use the diaphragm, and how to open the throat!

If my student has already warmed up, we may start right in with one of their songs.

More likely, though, we will start with a round such as "Heigh, Ho" or "Have You Seen the Ghost of John" to get them listening and concentrating as they sing.  

We might work on a duet or group song that we are preparing for a recital.  This way, they don't sing "full voice" right at first.

Easy vocal warmups for first thing in the morning

Vocal Warm-Ups for Morning

Easy slides and steps are what these morning warmups are about.

My warmups always are written in the key of C (to start), to orient the pianist.  Then they move up.

In fact, it is best, I tell my students, when they are still working at learning the notes of a song, to sing sotto voce, with a subdued voice, or even down an octave much of the time as they practice the song, if the vocal line lingers up high for a while.

This is also a very good practice in choral groups, and especially in long rehearsals of The Messiah!)

Some students seem blessed with a naturally warm, flexible, high and phlegm-free voice. How I envy them.

Others (more like me!) have voices that wake up tight and a little stiff unless the voice is "flexed" every day, a bit like a new, un-stretched balloon.

One of my daughters has a voice as tight as a new thick rubber band.

Daily, she needs gentle warming up as well as an additional vigorous workout.

Without daily attention, her singing voice is rough and subject to breaking only an octave above Middle C.

Changing vocal register - help students sing through the break

Vocal Warm-Ups for Singing Through the Break

Help your students understand the "break" in their voice, and how to move through it smoothly.

My own singing voice seems to acquire ever greater smoothness (in spite of rapidly advancing age!) as I have built the habit over the past few years of lightly warming up off and on throughout the whole day and even into the evening.

This habit was forced upon me, the piano teacher, gradually, as I acquired more and more voice students... I had to be able to sing up high -- no more excuses!

The result of this continuous light singing is (to my own surprise) the ability to sing with ease on Sunday mornings at church the melodies of old-fashioned hymns (invariably set too high!), even early in the morning.

That is a fun thing; I used to stick exclusively to the alto harmonies!

Getting a resonant sound in the voice

Vocalises for Beginners Encouraging Resonance

Like the animal sounds page, this page will help with developing resonance.

However blessed your singing student may be naturally, learning a set of vocal warmups that they can recall by memory at home, and use to gently warm themselves up, will help prevent sore, "blown" voices when they sing for an hour or more a day at lessons, rehearsals, school choir or just around the house.

Therefore, I encourage them to learn the easiest patterns on the piano, and demonstrate them during lessons.  

Adjusting to new tonal centers by using chord tones

Singing Vocal Technique for Finding a New Key/Tonality

This is an advanced skill, but ear training has to start somewhere!

As a vocal teacher working at the piano bench, these warm-ups are most efficiently performed at lessons if you have the ability to transpose the patterns up or down a half-step after each repetition. This is a sophisticated skill! But it can be learned.

If transposing seems too much of a stretch for you, take a look at my page for Beginning Piano students Mary Had a Little Lamb. Transposing using a very easy song is a great way to get started.

But to help those who are less pianists than vocalists, all of the vocal exercises are written in the key of C (all white notes!)

More vocal warmups are coming! 

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Vocal Warm-Ups music book

Carrie,Voice and Piano Teacher:
This site is FABULOUS. For all the reasons you explain on the site itself--this is exactly what piano teachers need! (I still need to go look at the vocal music). Wow. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Church choir warm-ups music book

Thank you for the free downloads! I'm a private teacher and I teach piano and beginner voice as well. :) I've been running my studio for about a year and I've come across the same issue; I don't want my students to have to purchase an entire supplemental book for only a couple of songs. So thank you for this site...some great downloads!!

Choral Warmups from A to Z: Dr. Seuss's ABC


I'd love to know about your favorite warm-ups, perhaps passed on to you by a dear teacher, or one you have made up yourself and come to rely upon. Tell us how you use it!

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