Question - Do You Have the Letters for the Pieces?

by A Big Sister

I have a question. Do you have the letters for the pieces. I would like to teach my little brother how to play the piano and the letters would be the easiest way to teach him. Thanks for your time and this is going to be a often visited site for me.


Hi, Big Sister, No, I don't put letters in my music. It is true that learning to read notes, just like learning to read written English, is a slow process.

But you can put the notes in yourself. And try a little rote teaching.

Also, it may help for you to print out a piano keyboard for him, and perhaps some flashcards for games which you can play every day, at least in the summertime! Really big flashcards are fun to whack in games. I also recommend that you take some paper and DRAW your own giant keyboards, or use the real piano keyboard, with little plastic animals, and do some note-hunting. Check out my pages on note-reading difficulties, and rote learning.

Check out some of the "GREAT MUSIC RESOURCES" links in the right columns of many of my piano-related pages. These are other websites with great ideas. Your little brother may enjoy Free Piano Lessons 4 Kids.

Good luck!

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