I'll Fly Away
Gospel Song

I'll Fly Away gospel song, with arrangements for:

  • piano 
  • guitar tabs 
  • lead sheets with attached duets!

Here is "I'll Fly Away" with guitar acoustic tablature: 

I'll Fly Away Guitar tabs

This gospel song is a well-loved, energetic hymn for voice, fiddle and guitar. Choose from several versions to download, in multiple keys.

Part of page 2 of the guitar tabs (in the key of D)

Sheet music for guitar I'll Fly Away

What the lead-sheets-plus-duets pages look like

What the piano arrangement sounds like

Here is what the duet looks like:

The piano arrangements, in G and F

I'll Fly Away piano sheet music
Piano music gospel song

So why am I only showing you part of the music?

It turns out that, unbeknownst to me, this song is STILL UNDER COPYRIGHT.  It's been up on both of my websites for a while, until an alert musician wrote to share this news with me.  (I'm usually very careful about copyright, but in this particular case I fooled myself, perhaps because of the old-timey feeling of "I'll Fly Away.")

Still under copyright? Down must go all my free sheets!

I am very sorry, but I cannot give it away for free.

SheetMusicPlus has publishing rights to it, and I do make arrangements for them, so I re-did some sheet music details with the piano arrangement and have placed the music over there, for sale.  It is $5.00, of which I will receive 50 cents.

I have also placed the guitar tabs version in the keys of D and G over at SheetMusicPlus.

For the lead sheets, I decided to attach the vocal duet I made long ago, as it is very pretty and satisfying, so you will find the lead sheets-plus-duets over at SheetMusicPlus as well.  

Making nice-looking PDFs is time-consuming, so I'm not finished yet!  Here are the available arrangements so far:

Guitar links:

I'll Fly Away guitar tabs in D

I'll Fly Away guitar tabs in G

Lead/Duet link:

I'll Fly Away lead sheet plus duet in G

Piano arrangements:

I'll Fly Away piano arrangement in F

I'll Fly Away piano arrangement in G


Lead sheets plus duets in the keys of:

C, D, Eb, F, A, Bb

Go see the music over at SheetMusicPlus:

The guitar tabs link over at SheetMusicPlus:

Link to I'll Fly Away guitar tabs and chords in the key of D

I'll Fly Away chords with guitar tabs in G, at SheetMusicPlus

The lead sheet plus duet in G:

Find the duet/lead sheet in G at SheetMusicPlus

The piano arrangements over at SheetMusicPlus:

I'll Fly Away for piano in the key of F

I'll Fly Away gospel music for piano in the key of G

This joyful hymn is actually about departing this world, and what happens then

No more shadows, but the bright gladness of looking forward to meeting again friends and family at that home on God's celestial shore...

With its promise of hope and everlasting joy, it is a hymn suitable for a funeral or memorial.

I'll Fly Away was the favorite hymn of my young friend Gabrielle, and at her memorial service, friends and family sang this song, plus another that can be found on a page dedicated to her.

I'll Fly Away is easy even for young fiddlers to play, and the harmony, whether for singers or instrumentalists, is fairly predictable, but well-matched to the melody.

Two fiddles playing this as a duet sound great together, and one of my younger vocal students learned the harmony without much of a struggle. 

This sheet music is fun to sing and play, especially in an ensemble -- I know your students will enjoy it!

If you'd like to say thank you...

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