Beginner Sheet Music for Piano
Deep Inside the Mountains

Beginner sheet music for piano "Deep Inside the Mountains" describes a journey to a cavern filled with gems and gold... but also a DRAGON.  The intriguing lyrics pull kids along to the end.

Beginner sheet music for piano, a mysterious song

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A great song for note-reading practice

Lots of low notes make this song good practice for your students - but it also has a decent little melody and an ominous left hand part. 

Use a KNOWN note for a reference

Are there any Middle C's close by?   Yes - good!  Counting down audibly, like this: "Line, space, line... that's 1, 2, 3... where does that bring you?" works well, if you do it every lesson until students have absorbed that approach.

Grab a Note-Reading Worksheet

All my students keep a note-reading worksheet in the inside pocket of their binders, which I pull out as a reference whenever we are looking at a new piece of music.

They need to learn how to count down from treble Middle C - or up from bass Middle C - into the ledger line notes.  Then we LABEL those unfamiliar notes. 

But not all of them!  I might say, "Find all the low A's and write their names beside the notes." 

With a simple-to-read song such as this, where the melody is moving along in a step-wise fashion for most of the piece, they will be able to creep along fairly correctly from one note to the next. If they have trouble, then it's off to the whiteboard we go, to draw a treble staff and duplicate those particular notes on the board. 

Sometimes kids just need to LOOK HARDER, and writing down the notes helps with that.

Song about a dragon for piano

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A bass line that sounds significant

There is nothing fancy about that octave bass line, but somehow it lends depth and weight to the melody.  If kids just can't reach the octaves, even with a stretched and "floating" hand, then repeating the same bass note in each measure will also work.

A lead sheet version is easier to read

Mysterious lead sheet for piano students

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Unlike most lead sheets, this one repeats the chord symbol each time a chord should be struck, even if it is just the same chord again.  Most lead sheets don't do that, but it makes it very easy for students to see exactly where the chord should be struck.

A fancier arrangement

Piano music about a dragon

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This last arrangement is the prettiest, with parallel thirds in the right hand.  

It's easy to treat this piece as a duet for a few weeks, and sing it together with your student as if it is a story the two of you are telling.  I have had several students remark how similar the story of the song seems to The Hobbit, and indeed it is.

The links for the piano music:

Download "Deep Inside the Mountains" easy piano

Download beginner sheet music for piano as a LEAD SHEET

Download Deep Inside the Mountains with thirds in the melody

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Songs Old & Songs New

All the first-year material I give my beginner students. 

Piano keyboard sheets, scales, chords, note-reading exercises, and over 256 pages of music!

The Story of Esther - a Bible opera!

Queen Esther in the Bible

This beautiful song book for piano & voice "Esther, For Such a Time as This",  available as a digital downloadtells the riveting story of the time when  Jews in ancient Persia faced a foe named Haman, and how a  brave young queen risked her life to save her people.

A good choice for a singing story-teller, an operatic group, a short theater production, or a class of children!

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Just the Black Keys, a piano song book for young beginners.

Just the Black Keys

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This is the perfect easy start for little pianists.

And when they start reading white-key notes on the staff, this is a fun easy resource to say each week, "Choose a new black-key song at home this week and figure it out to show me next lesson!"  They will be spending more time at the piano.

The Adventures of Tonsta, Volume 1, is a book about a young boy travelling over mountains and fjords from village to village, encountering trolls and helping folk in distress.

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