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Because everything lies higher for me
by: Anonymous

Yeah, 🙂
I not only consider myself developing, I am developing, currently in a undergraduate voice program and morphing from a
cross-over type of singer to a singer with a more real classic technique. Glad to be encouraging to some one else.
We should always keep developing!

Why teachers don’t understand my voice: my last teacher compared one of her other students unfavorably to me and gave me credit because my vocal chords "flex so nicely" but that girl has a totally different voice with a potential for a dramatic soprano. The teacher never let me sing any higher then a-b, which is naturally really easy. Even high c is easy.

But now I never got to work on my high e, so up there my voice is not so flexible yet. So basically what the teacher didn't understand is that everything lies higher for me. So she could not compare the other girls a-c with mine but rather to my c-f or something. That would be more fair.

Still Developing Voice at 47
by: Dana

"Coloratura", it is encouraging to read that you consider yourself still developing at 47.

I'm curious - why do you believe your teachers don't understand your voice?

Thanks for your helpful input. I agree that voices can be flexible as to range if we are careful.

We can sing low as well!
by: Coloratura

I would not agree on that coloraturas can not sing low!

I sing to the low g-f when I warm up (the one below the ledger lines) in songs I sing to the low Bb (below ledger lines).

Don't worry, you will not get nodes from singing low alone!

I don't expect my voice to be so powerful down there, although I try and make the best resonance possible and am not shying out on using chest voice.

The teacher's problem is that a lot of them are working on making everyone function like a lyric soprano, whereas some are not, and never will be (like myself).

No need to worry about my voice, I am 47 and a developing singer with a light coloratura type voice!

Coloratura type voices can sing a lot of music. Actually I have worked on a spinto type of sound, because most of my teachers don't understand my voice, I like it as a variation, but it would be dangerous for me to do it a lot.

There is some Puccini and other not so light music we can sing, if we are just careful and sing it in our own way.

Other than coloratura specialist music, and baroque we can also sing belcanto! Not to mention modern and sacred music.

High Voices
by: Anonymous

Light voices ie high voices in the Coloratura range should never sing below E. 2 notes above middle C.
That's why its hard to sing down there your voice is not capable of singing below E. Continue and you will lose it by the time you are 30ish. Plus you will get nodules etc. Believe me I know and had to face the fact that a coloratura has to sing opera or baroque style only.

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