Some girls sing it easier in high key

by Coloratura

I just want to remark that for some very light voices songs are easier sung in a high key.

As a young girl I constantly had to fight the perception that beginner singers sing more easily in a lower key.

Most of the music presented to me was in a key that was hard for me to sing, and I just tried my best to sing it, although I could hardly hear my voice.

Today I choose my own keys and pieces, and suddenly sound a lot more and better.

I hardly had to take any lessons, just changing keys and songs to sound like a good classical singer.

My advice is to let all young girls try all keys, and let them choose the easiest one for them.

You might be surprised to find some unexpected ranges. People are different.

Who knows, maybe you will discover a new great coloratura and she can be proud of her voice and start her training straight ahead, instead of feeling akward.


Thanks for your comment - yes, it is too easy to expect every young singer to have the same issues. It is true that among my own singers, some have almost no volume, initially, down around Middle C, and produce much more sound up high. Others, however, from imitating pop singers, have a strong chest voice but difficulty getting higher.

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