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Where are all the nasal sounds?
by: Anonymous

The pronunciation here is not correct. Where are all the nasal sounds in French?

Dana: Didn't you read my commentary? So:
"And the "m"s and "n"s inside of parantheses must not really be sounded, but turn the vowel before them nasal in sound..."

As I said, "French books say that "in, im, ain, aim, ein, yn, ym, un, um, eun," are nasal and pronounced like the "a" in "thank." "

Perhaps you can write out a more accurate guide - that would not be amiss!

Pronunciation of the Next Verse?
by: bridgie-future-star:)

This was great, but you wouldn't happen to be able to help with the next verse (the one with no harmonies)? My sister and I are struggling with the pronunciation of that one. Thanks heaps :)


Sorry, Bridget, I just don't have the time to do that right now. It may look easy, but it actually takes a lot of time to write a page that will make sense and be accurate.

Find a French teacher or a friend who can speak some French and ask them for help, being aware that sung French frequently "sounds out" the ending syllables that disappear off the end of spoken French.

Be bold! Grasp the thistle! If you sing it confidently, chances are most of your audience will believe in you. If anyone corrects you afterward, swallow your pride and thank them for their help. Even the great Pavarotti wasn't terribly convincing when he sang English.

by: Ali

thanks so much!!

Thank you
by: guitar53

Your efforts are greatly appreciated.


Thank YOU.

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