Dinosaur Song Lyrics
The Days of the Dinosaurs

These dinosaur song lyrics were written at the request of another piano teacher.  His plea seemed irresistible to me.

A six-year-old boy needed a song about dinosaurs hunting, and eating!

I thought about it for about half a day.  A dinosaur song... T-rex hunting... and EATING?  

No, in the end I couldn't go there!  Hunting, yes.  Eating, NO. Not my style.

But in the end, I came up with dinosaur song for kids that is quite the ear worm!  

Piano sheet music for beginners, The Days of the Dinosaurs

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Hear it on the piano:

Despite its appearance, it is quite easy to play

If you examine the sheet music closely, you'll see this song is made up of mostly "A" and "C".  Over and over.  And over!

So far, my students don't seem to mind that!  (I haven't heard back yet from the other teacher with the 6-year-old student... he promised me that he is reading notes!)

Here comes the hard part

Page two, line two, the melody descends down to D below Middle C.  The notes aren't hard, but the fingering IS HARD.  And there are SHARPS.

Then - OH NO - the right hand has to change fingering.  And descend into the bass clef.  Sorry. 

There may be a bit of rote learning involved

Dinosaur song lyrics about a T-rex hunting, but failing to catch his prey.  With sheet music for beginner piano.

Please scroll down the page for the download links.

That was the easy version

The original version has a twisty bit of right hand melody that I decided was just too much to ask of a beginner, so I changed that.  But you can see it below:

The harder version of page 2:

The part of the dinosaur song lyrics "All the prey got a-way, JUMPED & RAN!" is where the different notes are seen.  The melody is more satisfying in the original, so if you don't mind working with your student on that part, go for it!

Fingering as a tool, not an end goal

I concede that the left hand "5-4-3, 4-3-2" fingering is quite difficult for a beginner.  However, in the process of learning the melody, this fingering is useful for locating the notes, and can be discarded along the way!

Page 3:

A song about dinosaurs for piano

The links for the Dinosaur songs:

Download beginner piano music with dinosaur song lyrics EASIEST

Download "The Days of the Dinosaurs" with tricky bit of melody on pages two and three

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