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by: Dana

Yes, Brian. Even in classical music you'll sometimes see a measure that looks as though both hands are hitting the note at the same time - or one is holding and the other comes along and plays it too. If you think in instrumental or choral terms, you realize that singers will often sing the same note, or violins or etc., and so transcriptions of those compositions into piano music can sometimes be a bit baffling - or CROWDED-LOOKING.

Silly Me
by: Brian

Hi Dana

Thanks very much for replying. Made a complete mess of my comment didn't I? That's what you get for rushing things. I had to get to a class in London but I wanted to make progress with HB so I dashed off a comment without checking; very sorry for the errors.
In principle, though, you've answered my query; when the same note appears in both hands to be played on the same beat then you have to do something clever with one or the other of your hands/fingers to fit both notes in. Although I suppose you could just leave the note out of the LH triad and play a 2 note chord?
But thanks for replying and so promptly.

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