Confused About Hands Sharing the Same Note

by Brian
(Radlett UK)

I am elderly piano beginner and I downloaded your Happy Birthday in Gmaj as a practice piece but I'm finding it a little confusing.

In bar 2 "birth" seems to require the right and left hands to both play the same E note and this happens again in bar 5 where "you!" requires both hands to play the G and in bar 8 where "you!" wants the G again.

Am I missing something? As I say I am a beginner and pretty old so it's not unlikely!

Hi, Brian, You are very observant, but also misnaming the notes.

It is true that the hands will both require the "D" (not "E") above Middle C in the same measure. To write the left hand chord in such a fashion that the D would be shown to be released in time for the right hand to use that note is POSSIBLE, but makes for more complicated note-writing and interpreting.

Young students look beyond this kind of shortcut, usually, but you are employing your brain quite literally!

I see the issue in Bars 2 & 5, but not in Bar 8. To play the right hand note, just release the left hand "D" in time.

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