Braveheart Soundtrack Music

Braveheart soundtrack music is among the most expressive & beautiful film music ever written. EVER.  If you have watched and loved this masterpiece of a story, you are right here agreeing with me!  Some film music never grows old.

Discover this exciting piano arrangement, for you or your students.

A commenter to the collection of scenes & music in the video below said,

"Most beautiful film ever made in my eyes, the music, cinematography, costume design, script , actors is like no other. It’s a masterpiece of a film!"

I must agree.

The sheet music, key of Gb

Braveheart soundtrack sheet music

The main theme of Braveheart begins with soft flute-like melody notes against a quiet background. A fragment of the Scottish tune "Black is the Color of My True Love's Hair" weaves its way into the bottom of page one, and then a deep chord at the top of page two gives a low and ominous premonition of battle.

The key of F is shown for page 2

You can see how much easier the key of F is -- hardly a black key in sight, until the bottom of the page, when a quick transition to the key of two flats is made.

Though still slow-paced, a bit more urgency is felt on this page.

Sheet music to Braveheart Theme

Driving energy begins on page 3.  Shown, the Gb version

soundtrack music to Braveheart

Watch out for the C flats!  In measure 52, line 3 above, the dissonance of the alto line against the ascending tenor notes (so to speak) are quite intentional.  When the Gb minor chord arrives, B double flat is used.  Good practice for your advancing students.  Line 4, the first two measures use F flat!

Then at the key change (measure 58) it all resolves beautifully into a D chord, albeit with some clashing  due to the G# in the melody.

Page 5, Gb version

Sheet music for Braveheart movie

The final two pages have lots of right hand octaves - plain octaves, not with thirds or fifths.  Exciting octave practice for your student!

Dissonances & open chords impart a medieval, battlefield feeling

The flavor of Braveheart, the movie, is captured in this arrangement. Not too difficult, but with a few challenges, this is a satisfying piece to play over and over again, emotions soaring and always feeling like you are there with William Wallace in the fight for FREEDOM.

Though the key of F is easier, the key of Gb seems to have a special magic, as piano pieces utilizing the black keys frequently do!  The piano recording heard in the video is performed in the key of Gb.

This music is under copyright...

So I can't give it away free.

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Braveheart William Wallace

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