The Battle of Culloden Moor (song: Skye Boat Song)

by Sandy Harris
(Virginia, USA)

Just a minor correction -- and many pages I'm finding have the same error:

The Battle of Culloden Moor, the final defeat of the Rising of 1745, occurred on April 16, 1746 -- not 1745.

Prince Charles Edward Stuart, son of James III (England) and VIII (Scotland) arrived in Scotland from France and raised his standard at Glenfinnian on August 19, 1745. The clans gathered to support his quest for his father's crown; the Scots campaigned with early success and later defeat through the winter of 1745 and into the spring of 1746.

The Highlanders met the troops of the Duke of Cumberland on the field of Drumossie, at the town of Culloden near Inverness on April 16 of 1746, where they were defeated beyond recovery. Nearly half of the clansmen were killed and the rest fled.

Some weeks later, Prince Charles escaped the mainland to Skye and fled to France by ship. He died in Rome in 1788.

Meanwhile, the English ravaged the Highlands, killing people and destroying homes and fields, to forestall any further attempts on the Crown. Scots were denied their family and clan tartans, weapons, and bagpipes for at least 20 years. Of those who survived Culloden, many were transported to the Colonies, and whole families migrated to the Colonies fleeing the famine and destruction in the Highlands.

Thank you for the correction, Sandy.

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