Thank you from an adult learner!

by Kitty

This is a great website and a wonderful contribution to the music community.

I am a retired lady trying to read music. I just purchased a double strung harp and these easy piano tunes are exactly what I need to get started. My harp is being built, but when it finally arrives, it will have 22 strings on each side. They will be the three octaves, F3 to F6 on each side, with sharping levers on the F, B, and C strings.

Anyway, thank you for these very helpful lessons and sheet music.


Hello, Kitty, NEW INSTRUMENTS are so much fun! I have a harp, too - a Celtic folk harp, also with sharping levers, that I bought 25 years ago from a shop called "Dusty Strings" in Seattle! One of these days I'll pick it back up again. Best of luck & lots of practice time to you! And thanks for the encouraging words - I'm so glad the music is helpful.

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