Real Size Keyboard

by Slaughtermind

Real Dimension / Size Piano Keyboard

Real Dimension / Size Piano Keyboard

In the attached file I am providing the real dimensions of a piano keyboard. It's captured from Synthesia. If you need high resolution and lossless image of this,

1. Download the zip file from Realistic Piano

or use this one:

2. Extract it and open a PDF file which corresponds to your paper format. I suppose that you are going to use A4, so open "Print A4.pdf" with the latest version of Adobe Reader.

3. Go to File->Print and use "Actual size" setting. This is very important otherwise the program will shrink the image.

I have included all my project files in the archive but do not print from them if you you need real size keyboard. All images in my project contain real dimensions, but you cannot print them directly because the standard Windows image viewer shrink every picture while printing. So you need a different program which is able to print without shrink. That's why I chose to use PDF because it is easy and simple for everyone. but do not forget the above special setting.

In the zip you will find a photo of my successful project.

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