Question About The Flower Duet

by Hailey

Hi there,

First of all I purchased the sheet music for this duet and love, love, LOVE it! Thank you so much for having it!

I do have a question though. So I bought the original key and on page 7, measure 47 at the "ensemble" part are those the correct notes? I've been listening to recordings to hear the pronunciation and for whatever reason it sounds like the mezzo is singing higher than what is written. It could just be me, but just thought I'd ask. Thanks!


Hi, Hailey,

Yes, absolutely those are the correct notes. In measure 47, the mezzo-soprano part is D# by Middle C. This is an octave below what she sings later on, twice, at the end -- the very same notes occur at the end of the piece, but there, her part is written up an octave.

I suspect that the directors or artists you listened to just decided to make the note a high D# in section A also, either to make it easier for the performers, or because they liked it better! Artistic license.

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