My C Melody Saxophone

by Jeff Harvey
(Hydes, Maryland)

I've always loved the sound of the saxophone, so I decided to buy one. I have never learned how to read music, so this was going to be an adventure for me. I looked in the classified ads in the paper and found one for sale. It is known as a C Melody Saxophone. It is a Frank Holton made in 1913. It is going to be 103 years old in January! I bought it partly because of the history of the C Melody. Also, I could potentially teach myself to play it with ordinary piano sheet music. I teach myself by playing it by ear. Although I have only played it a few times, I have found out that this old saxophone LOVES to play old music! Besides a little Pink Floyd stuff, it plays classic music very well. I have found a few old favorites hiding in the buttons. I have learned to play the Pink Panther theme, Strangers in the Night, The Dick Van Dyke theme, and a real cute little tune from one of the Little Rascals episodes from way back. That tune in The Little Rascals sounds like it's played with a clarinet, but my sax does a nice job of it. I found The First Noel hiding as well, and that is why I am visiting your website today to hear it in the key of C. I know I will learn this by Christmas!
I have read the other comments and reviews of this website, and I will be exploring all you have to offer in teaching simple tunes and exercises.
Thanks for putting this site up for all of the ambitious self taught musicians out there.

Sincerely, Jeff

Dana: Lovely saxophone... I love learning new instruments too. Best of luck with your musical progress!

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