by Helen

Hi Dana,
This is a great site! Thanks for sharing your great tips about teaching beginner students. It's all good advice.
I hope I don't appear as over critical or a bit of a pedant, but before I was about to download "The Holly and the Ivy", I noticed that the score has repeated Es on the first syllable of "Ivy" in the first line, after the leap to "the". The supporting accompaniment also indicates the E chord.. Should that not be a "D" on the first syllable of "Ivy"? It is a D everywhere else"...
Thanks again,

Hi, Helen, My graphic is the problem , not the PDF file. Sometimes it is deceptive, and appears to be the wrong note. Take a leap of faith and click on the "Download" button - you will see that the actual file is correct. I guess I've got to make some of my graphics larger... sometimes the notes just get "squeezed" a bit.

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