H E L P finding a violin song Star of the County Down

Please help me out here, I'm trying very hard to learn to play violin and this is one of the songs I really really want to learn but I can't find sheet music for "Star of the County down" for VIOLIN. In fact I did find one, but it's not right, and I dont know enough about music to figure out what's wrong. If you can email me the correct music I would appreciate it and it shouldn't be "beginners" if you don't mind, as I want to learn it correctly the first time. Thank you,

PS. If you would like to hear my playing so far I will be happy to send you a short video of me playing the Tennessee Waltz *smile*.

Hi, John, You just didn't spend enough time looking around my site. You are on the PIANO page -- if you had gone to GUITAR or VOICE and looked at the song listings, you would've found 2 other arrangements of Star of the County Down. For violin, probably the easiest version for you to read would be the one on the Beginning Voice page:

Star of the County Down

The fact that there is a piano accompaniment with the melody doesn't mean you can't play it on the violin!

I'd be delighted to see you play Tennessee Waltz -- why don't you upload it to Youtube?

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