When Speaking of Children with Autism...

by A Music Therapist

I really enjoyed browsing through your website. I am a music therapist and I work with individuals with special needs. You may want to consider changing the language in your article about working with students with autism and other diagnoses. I was always taught to put the person first, so instead of saying "autistic child", it sounds better to say "child with autism". I hope you do not take offense to this because it is not my purpose to do so. Working with individuals with special needs has taught me to not categorize and label others.

Just wanted to give you something to think about...

Take care!


You have given me something to think about! Yes, I can feel the difference in the terms, and you put it very nicely. No offense taken... but it will be a daunting task to go back and edit those pages! I will put that task on the back burner.

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I agree
by: Anonymous

It is highly recommended that you change the wording here. Even if you could change the title at least.


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