What program did your use to make the music note worksheet?

Wondering what type of program you used to make the music note worksheet. I have an older (still usable) version of Finale Print Music. I have used it to make many exercises etc. Not sure if I could tweak it to make similar worksheets as you?

It's worth a try - when I made the Fur Elise worksheet, it was with an older version of Finale (2003). But I don't know about "Finale Print Music" - that sounds like a smaller program than the full-blown program.

What I did was start with the full piece of music, then go over it with the function called "Speedy Entry Tool" to hide some of the notes. I don't know if things would be different for your program (I have an newer version now) but it involves clicking through the measure with the Speedy Entry Tool (in my program, the symbol is an italicized eighth note) & pressing "H" when you get to the note or rest you wish to hide. Re-pressing the H will bring the item back up again.

Good luck!

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