Theatre Kids Who Need Help Finding a Song

At our school (which is not particularly fond of theatre) we have an informational night for incoming freshmen to learn about the different activities our school offers.
On January 22nd, our admins finally let us have a fair shot and we are allowed to perform a small musical number (not much time, I know).
We have 9 drama veterans ready to put on a song! And we are looking for suggestions.
Here is our situation:
-9 teens: 6 girls, 3 boys (though we can bend some of the genders, especially since this is only one number and not a whole show)
-The choreography requirements can't be complicated (though we can re-stage some stuff if needed)
-The harmonies need to be be relatively easy (time constraints...)
-Can't be too raunchy (the admins already don't like us...)
-More known/mainstream musicals would be best so it is recognizable, but this is not a requirement.
-But are so willing to edit/simplify things to work for us so please include ideas that don't fit perfectly.

Any and all suggestions are really appreciated!! Please respond as soon as you can so we can figure this out!! Please please <3

Thanks for reading.
~Person trying to keep her program going


Hi, Theatre Kid,

January 22nd is only 2 weeks away... are you out of your collective minds? Okay, maybe not, but it will take a lot of time to put a great song together.

I've got several really different ideas for you.

1. Gilbert & Sullivan, "When I Was a Lad I Served a Term." That has parts for a strong soloist and a chorus. It's old-fashioned but still funny. sells it, so you're lucky - you can download it digitally.

2. From "Oklahoma", "The Farmer and the Cowman Should Be Friends." It's funny and energetic. Takes a good pianist! Set a bit low for some girls, but there's lots of possibilities for switching up the parts. It doesn't have to have harmony. Also, "Kansas City." ("Everything's up-to-date in Kansas City!" It's a group number, but with a solo singer.)

3. From "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers," either "Sobbin' Women" (very funny & room for lots of theatrics - again, you'll need a quick study for the piano part) or "Springtime," which switches off male & female voices.

4. Probably the easiest: "You Can't Get a Man with a Gun" from "Annie Get Your Gun." Change the words up a bit.

5. "There is Nothing Like a Dame" from South Pacific. I had girls sing/act it a few years ago, but we had to do it in a different key. Don't know if you could get your hands on this quickly enough.

6. From "The Fantasticks," the song "Never Say No." You will charm your administration with this one. ("Your daughter brings a young man home, says, 'Do you like him, Pa?' Just tell her he's a fool, and then... you've got a son-in-law!")

7. From Oliver, "You've Got to Pick a Pocket or Two"

None of these are modern, but they are all CLEAN.

Good luck! Dana

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