The Youngest Soloist-vocalist in the world, 4 year old Ava Sadeghipour

by Kate

I wish to share with you the performance of the youngest soloist-vocalist of the world, 4 year old Ava Sadeghipour, in the biggest concert hall of Iran. I’m one of the viewers of your site, and I have watched an interesting video of the performance of the youngest soloist-vocalist of the world.

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Ava Sadeghipour is the student of the international Iranian musician, Professor Pezhman Mosleh, who is a stylist music teacher. His method is teaching to children of 2 - to - 6 years old, and he is the only teacher who has a new method for teaching to 2 year old children so these children are able to play and sing simultaneously in different concert halls at the age of 4.

It should be mentioned that except for the technique of playing and singing simultaneously which is so difficult for children at these ages, preparing 4 year old children for a live performance before large audiences was an impossible and difficult work before.

Ava is probably the youngest vocalist and soloist of non-percussion instruments in the world who has given performances in the biggest concert hall of her country (with presence of about 1000 people) and this event will be probably announced by Guinness soon.

Soon, she may have performances in different countries.

A while ago another of his 4 year old students, Aynaz, had a performance on television too. You can listen the performances of Ava and Aynaz:
search_query=++pezhman%20mosleh+>Ava and Aynaz

Professor Pezhman Mosleh, their music teacher, is an Iranian composer, singer, poet, professor of cinema philosophy and aesthetics, and a scholar of music history who has humanity and philosophical concerns.

He is a musician who has given speeches in different universities under the topics of " Being I, philosophy and cinema" and "Music, anti-war, a way to conversation" and one of his latest speeches was a speech in the first and the best university of Iran, university of Tehran under topic of " Thought in Art".

He is a pioneer in Iranian neo romanticism style. According to SABC News, he is inspired by Beethoven and Chopin in composing music.

Cinema press journal introduced him as a philosophical artist and Iran Newspaper No.: 5422 on 24th of July 2013in an article of peaceful melody presented Pezhman Mosleh as a musician who
takes steps in the way of struggling with war and violence along with universal musicians.

His solo and orchestral works were performed in various festivals and he was a jury member in many festivals.

We can mention the performances such as ensemble performance of Pezhman Mosleh and Asif Sinan, world musicians who have been able to bring together the genres of Jazz, North Indian/Eastern
Classical, in GYPF (Global Youth Peace Festival) on 30 September 2015.

The music album of “Whispers for peace and love” was nominated as one of the 5 best fusion music of Iran in the greatest poll of music history via MUSIC MA site.

Prof. Mosleh was the only Iranian person who was planning to collaborate with the great Greek director Theo Angelopoulos but unfortunately it was cancelled because of Theo Angelopoulos's death.

One of Professor Pezhman Mosleh's latest music works was a song for Nelson Mandela which was announced and broadcast on South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC). He is the first
Iranian artist who has composed and sung a beautiful song for Nelson Mandela and dedicated it to him and the world. It attracted the attention of the world.

Peace sound radio of USA and Amazing radio of England are the latest radios which broadcasted Mandela song.

For listen this song in amazing radio:

His relaxing music works have attracted attention of artists, philosophy professors, psychologists, critics, Iranian and international press and media, and even the hospitals of countries such as South Africa, Canada, Nigeria, England, Sweden, USA, Japan, India etc.

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