The Water is Wide: Christmas words!

Thank you for a great site
with lots of ideas ...
I'll be coming back often!

My choir sings an arrangement
of "The Water is Wide" with the
following words at Christmas:

When Love Was Born
(Tune: The Water is Wide)

1. When love was born so long ago, God sent a Child to earth below;
To men He came, humble and poor, so innocent, sinless and pure.

2. And in that birth of God’s own Son, a work of love was there begun;
He came to us that we might find peace on earth for all mankind.

3. The years have passed and still today each looks for love in his own way;
Some seek in vain, sad and forlorn, remembering not how love was born.

4. Yes, love was born so long ago; yet, here today it can bestow
A joy complete, not just a part, when Christ is born within each heart,
When Christ is born within each heart.

Lorna, South Australia

Lorna, Thank you so much for sharing these lyrics! They are so beautiful and meaningful.

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