Stomach Pain When Singing

by Rose
(Srilanka Colombo)


My question is one of my students is having stomach pains on her right side while she is singing. Please tell me why is that happening, because she loves to sing so much.

Thank You


Rose, this does not sound like a singing problem, but a medical problem! I hope I am wrong, but I have never heard of stomach pains while singing. Is it always when she sings, or just at her voice lesson? Perhaps she is eating a full meal before she comes to her lesson, and taking deep, quick breaths is causing a sensation such as is caused by running or swimming after a full meal? In the States we call this kind of feeling "cramps," or "a stitch in the side".

Perhaps she is currently having problems eating oily or greasy foods (which can be hard on the system, especially after surgery), and the quick movements of the diaphragm in breathing for singing is aggravating the problem.

I suspect a digestive problem, but I am no doctor. If anyone else has experience with this kind of problem while singing, please give your input.

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