Starting a Community Music School

by Douglas Williams
(Gainesville,GA US)

Please tell me how a person would go about starting a "music education in the community" type thing. It would be for faith based music ( any religion that has music or chanting as part of their liturgy, that uses conventional music notation and direction). I teach and know other singers,musicians and such that had "formal" teaching growing up - they would be rather pleased to be called upon, on a limited basis of course.

I have the land, partial funding and a very strong and several layered reason for this project to be successful.

I'm having the nagging thought I may have to go back to college for some things; I've already started that process. After all, it's sort of what would be expected of anyone crossing the threshold.

It would be open to directors, drummers, singers and Ministers of Music as they are known in southern America. Of course that means minors and the usual minor difficulties. One of the reasons is to establish certain standards and homogeny in an area that needs it sorely.

Mr. Douglas Williams, Director of rhythmn section at Crossplains Baptist Church, Gainesville, GA.

Dana: So you want to start a school, a physical location where those who wish to specialize in worship music can hone their skills? I don't know anything about starting a SCHOOL. If it were me, I'd take a look at music summer camps and retreats around the country and their business model. You need instruments, practice rooms, auditorium, room & board...

In my opinion, you should bring someone on board who understands business, and start small. Good luck.

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