Question about "Whack-it" Game

I am liking the idea of the Whack-It game...
Could you specify? Do they hit the correct piano key on the piano with a spatula?

Also, are they supposed to "read" the note on the flashcard first? Or
are you telling them the name by saying "Find D" - it seems they would just
listen to your voice and the flashcards would be moot.

I must not understand? But I want to! I have an almost 9 year old boy
that needs a lot of reinforcement!!!

Hello - you are NOT UNDERSTANDING!
I'm sorry if my explanation wasn't clear enough. Definitely, do not whack the piano keys.

The giant cards are what you whack. Print them, then cut them in half.

Lay them on the floor. Mix them up. Give the student a "whacker" of some sort.

Call out, "Bass Clef C!" Wait for their response. If correct, pull that card out.

Yell, "Treble Clef D!" Wait - and if they hit the wrong card, put all the cards they already whacked correctly back again.

Go until you have emptied the floor.

Currently, the fun of the Whack-It game is ITS OWN REWARD!

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