Professional Piano Teachers Here to Share!

by Suzy
(San Diego, CA)

Hi Dana!

I just wanted to send a quick note to introduce myself - my name is Suzy, and I'm part of the community at, an online marketplace that connects teachers and students nationwide for lessons in piano, guitar, singing, and MUCH more! I came across your website today as I was looking for piano resources, and wanted to send some kudos - what an awesome site you have!

On the TakeLessons blog, our professional teachers share their best advice, teaching tools, and tips, and our students get a lot of value from the posts. So I thought I'd share a few that might be helpful for your readers, as well! Here they are:

- How to Read Piano Music Faster: Intro to the Keys - A graphic to help new piano players understand the layout of the piano.

- How to Read Sheet Music for Piano: A Visual Tour - Another graphic to help pianists understand sheet music

- A 10-Minute Piano Practice Challenge for Busy Students - Add this 10-minute piano exercise into your day when you're pressed for time!

I hope these are helpful. Keep up the great work on your site!


Thanks, Suzy! I do sometimes refer people to the TakeLessons site.

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