Practicing and Entering the World of Classical Music.

by Patricia Pineiro Aviles
(Puerto Rico )

I a seventeen year old student who was recently taken in by a music conservatory to learn the arts of opera singing. It has been less than a year that I even tried to sing opera, but my teacher! She decided I could do this aria! Dear heavens, it was about a month and a half until I could master it without forgetting when to breathe or how to open my mouth and pronunciation. The first time I even listened to it I was scared... But after all the practice, my teacher telling me to do these odd faces I found so funny even tho they did help me when singing well... It is an amazing feeling for the student and also the teacher to finally be able to sing it well, portray the feelings of a young spoiled girl convincing her father to let her be married off and present it to an audience. I dare say my teacher is proud and also happy. It proves a bit of a challenge especially when you are a beginner like myself but it is just an amazing song that teaches you Technic, persistence and definitely patience.

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