My voice dramatically changed from one day to another

by Marie
(Villa Alemana)

I'm a 14 year old girl,my voice is going from high to higher, from airy to airier and I don't know how to carry a tune now!

My best friend seems to be head voice and whistle register. I need help, and I can't sing loud anymore. My personal voice coach said that I made a transition between a high mezzo and a soprano and I don't understand this.


Don't worry, Marie. When you are 14, your body is growing and changing, and so your voice may undergo many changes. Think how dramatically the sound would be changing if you were a boy!

Remember to exercise your voice every day, starting gently, and drinking lots of WATER. Use vocalises that gradually stretch your range as you warm up. Don't rely on simply singing along with your favorite songs.

As for your missing volume, you will perhaps need to relearn how to focus your sound. Try lots of humming inside the head, aiming back by the ears, then opening up your mouth. Don't push it.

Enjoy the new sound, and don't worry! Your voice will settle down.

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