My Asperger Daughter Found Music

by Kay

At age 12, without having shown any previous interest in music, she took up the trumpet in band class. Her amazing focus - and difficulty in shifting focus - led her to relentless practice. My only rule was that she had to stop practicing at 9 pm. Sometimes, she would then transcribe Charlie Parker solos instead!

Her many differences were accepted or overlooked by fellow students as she became a very good musician. Her grades went to honors, her social skills improved, her "selective mutism" diminished and she found an identity through her passion for music. Eventually, she went to music school on scholarship (although university was a difficult time for her).

Although I steered her into Band Class in school, she chose music herself - I could never have managed to impose lessons or practice on her.

I would encourage parents of autistic or asperger children to try different ways to expose their children to the arts. One way may not "take", but another way might.


That is a wonderfully inspiring story -- thanks for sharing it!

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