Mr... Learning Guitar

by Edward Moyers
(Frederick, Maryland, US)

Hello... to whom this might concern.. some of these songs here are good and easy to do..

I started learning my guitar last year in July and I found this website and it is good that there are a lot of Christian songs & some Civil War songs here but some of them don't sound like what they are supposed to be when I try to play them and even when I get them down good they don't sound like what it is supposed to be ... even if I play it slow or try them fast but that could be because some of them I've never heard of but also it does not say how fast or slow they should be played...

But the few others I have tried are ok. .. but the reason I did come here is because they are tabs that show the fret numbers... it would seem some of them are easy to do.. but the ones with multiple numbers at the same time are not... and it is hard to tell where the majors and minors are on the neck and which strings to play when there are no fret numbers... thank you...

- Ed

Dana: Hi, Ed, I'm not understanding all of your comments, but I'm glad some of the music is helpful to you. I suggest you have a look at the page with Guitar Chord Families if you're having trouble with major and minor chords. I'm wondering if you understand the difference between Major & Minor chords.

As for not knowing what the song should sound like, you probably need to learn HOW TO COUNT. This is probably the most important, and hardest, skill for most musicians. That is one reason I try to include videos on most of my sheet music pages. But with folk music, everybody's version will be DIFFERENT... that is the nature of folk music.

If you like Christian music, please have a look at my other site, very small but growing: There are guitar tabs on that site as well.

Good luck.

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