Is This Song from Man of La Mancha Child-Appropriate?


How difficult is it for young girls to sing "The Impossible Dream" from the musical Man of La Mancha?

Dana's opinion:

Hi -- Well, I would say difficult. There are several things I always consider:

1. How much power will be required to make this song work musically? "The Impossible Dream" ought to be sung, at least for most of it, with emotion and some passion, especially at the climax. Otherwise it may sound silly or pathetic.

2. Are the words AGE-APPROPRIATE? To me, it would almost sound like a caricature of the song to hear little girls singing, "To be willing to march into hell... on a heavenly cause!" because this is not a Sunday School chorus, it is very dramatic music to portray one man's heart-felt crusade. I think little girls would be a poor match for this song...

3. Lastly, does the girl (or girls) in question WANT to sing this song? They will not do it justice if they don't like it, in any case.

Sorry if this is not the answer you were hoping for! This is one woman's opinion.

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