Interested in these songs

by Tom Smith
(Christchurch, New Zealand)

Love your web site.

I like that you show tabs and sheet music so one can learn with out knowing they are learning.

I do not know if these are out of copyright yet for guitar chord tab and rhythm.

I found a new way of living (abiding in the vine)

freely, freely you have received.

I surrender all.

I walk in the garden

I used to have a stack of (80s and earlier) church music but do not know where it is gone, hidden in a box or stolen when we were out of the house for earthquake/general maintenance. So wanting to learn again went on the back foot.

Hi, Tom, only "I Surrender All" & "In the Garden" are public domain. The others are still under copyright.

I'll see what I can do... I've actually had plans to set "In the Garden" for some time, as it is a favorite of mine from childhood.

Thanks for writing and giving me the suggestions!


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