I Just Began Playing Piano... What Should I Do First?

by Matthew

I just began playing piano and I wanted to know what I should do first? There are so many different sites that say so many different things and I dont know what to do! Please help?
Yours In Christ,


Hi, Matthew,

Well, every teacher & musician may indeed have a different idea, and you may not like any of them! My first suggestion would be to find a teacher, by calling around & interviewing potential teachers, asking them what they emphasize and telling them what kind of music you are interested in playing.

But maybe you don't have the money for lessons... in that case, I suggest that you start with Joseph Hoffman's "FreePianoLessons4Kids" website, because he gives short little 7-minute piano lessons that you can play over and over again. I like his ideas, and when you outgrow his videos, you will know enough, I think, to walk into a music store and select a good method book that you will like, that makes sense to you.

There are other free music lesson sites on the internet, and on Youtube. But I think that at least a stint from time-to-time with a real live teacher who can look at your posture, hand shape, and assess your needs is the very best thing of all. It is so easy to develop really bad habits that can be very hard to break.

Good luck!

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