Guitar Sheet Music with Guitar Tabs too

I love the sheet music that has Tabs and the notes so that I can play the right rhythum. And simple! I'm just learning. Do you know of a good book with lots of camp songs or children's songs that have both the tab and notes?

Dana: Unfortunately not! I don't know why, but almost all books have just one or the other. I do have one guitar book like that, though it may not have the songs you are looking for, Mel Bay's Easiest Country Guitar for Children (Mel Bay Presents Easiest for Children).

Here is a description of the book:

"This book is for beginning and early intermediate country guitarists. No prior playing experience or note reading ability is required. The solos are written in both standard notation and tablature. While writing the arrangements, the author considered the small hands of children. Most of the arrangements are in the first position; most of the notes are on the first three strings and there are no hand stretches that present inordinate technical difficulties."

And my own assessment:
Mel Bay's Easiest Country Guitar for Children (Mel Bay Presents Easiest for Children) is one of the cleverest guitar books I have seen! It is nicely laid out-- it starts with six simple, uncluttered pages each presenting a single topic: How to Hold the Guitar, Parts of the Guitar, How to Tune the Guitar, Music Basics, How to Read Guitar Tablature, and one very good page about Picking Technique. (Unfortunately, there is no real discussion of note values.)

Then you turn the page, and it's all music. Very simple tunes (such as Railroad Bill, Will the Circle Be Unbroken, Wabash Cannonball, Wildwood Flower and Shady Grove) complete with treble clef, guitar tabs, chord symbols, and where necessary, picking indications. There are no eighth notes in the first part of the book.

Just before the final song is another instructional page called How to Play Slurs. It covers slides, hammer-ons, and pull-offs. Then those techniques are introduced in the last song, Watermelon on the Vine. The book comes with a CD. It's a great repertoire book, but unlike the Progressive books, it does not teach notereading.

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