Dyslexic & ADD - Hard to Read Notes

by Hawkeye Harris
(Eastern Maine)

What to do about a Dyslexic person who is also ADD?
For years I have tried to teach myself to read music but the lines and dots just jump around so much and when they don't I have a stare-down with the line/dot trying to make sense of what I'm looking at. FWIW, what little schooling I had, I was labeled retarded and kicked out. I'm now an adult and play by ear. I came to this website looking for music I could give out to friends who only play by sight. Thanks for the great resources.

Hi, Hawkeye, To play by ear is also an important skill! Many people who only play by sight feel handicapped - and they are! ;)

If you are still interested in learning to read notes, there are a few pages on my site that MIGHT help... if you have a keyboard, you could try this page: https://www.music-for-music-teachers.com/note-naming-worksheets.html

Or in the guitar pages, this page shows how the frets accord with standard notation (note-reading as most of the musical world knows it):

On my staff paper page, there are some BIG staffs on which to write notes... to some people, this is helpful.

I recall that a student I had years ago, very intelligent but extremely HYPER active (she liked to climb up onto a chair to sing her songs, and for some reason I allowed her to - yikes!) was similarly unable to focus on a page of words, until a transparent pink sheet was laid over the written page. I'd never heard of such a thing, but her mother said her eyes could "settle down" and she could read.

Best of luck to you, Hawkeye!

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