Autistic Grandson & Piano Lessons

by Rita R
(Kokomo, Indiana)

My Grandson just turned 9. He loves music & I thought it would be good for him to be introduced to the piano.

Should I try & find a teacher that has taught children with autism? I am starting to take piano lessons again after not playing since I was in high school. Is he going to be able to learn from me?

He is the reason I want to start playing again. He just goes into another world when he hears music... I hope he can learn how to make beautiful music himself !!!

He is such a beautiful blessing to our family.


Hi, Ruth, it's great that your grandson has you there to support him with his music. I absolutely agree that you should be a part of what he is learning, but I believe that he will find more success if you take him to a piano teacher with experience teaching kids with autism. Either that, or a teacher with many years of experience teaching beginners, and lots of patience and love.

Even though you are familiar with the piano, it will be hard for you to know what is most essential for a beginner. It may also be difficult for you to determine when music or musical ideas are out of reach for him, since you don't have any teaching experience. That could mean a lot of frustration for him.

All teachers have to start somewhere, but it is best to have a mentor and a plan... Look very hard and don't commit to a teacher until you've had a lesson or two. Then set yourself to learn everything your grandson is working on, along with him!

Best of luck!

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