Astoria OR. High school Choir

by Joshua C.G. Weis
(Astoria OR )

My teacher in high school / middle school had us sing this along with a few others played on the piano, of course.

These usually went:

Heigh Ho, Anybody home.
Meat, Nor Drink, Nor money have I none.
Still I will be very marry
Heigh Ho

Very was pronounced "Vary" with a large "Ah" Vowel
"Anybody" Replaced "Nobody" I think for the articulation, the next piece to this was.

"Rose, Rose, Rose, Rose.
Will I ever see thee wed?
I will marry at thy will sire,
At thy will."

Very simple one, the tempo picked up at the 3rd line (Just a small bit)

the last bit was

Oh poor bird,
Why art thou?
Flying in the shadows
in this, dark hour.

This one made us go to the top of our range, the first bit "Oh Poor bird" starts out naturally middle, going up a little more at why art thou, and by the time we hit "Flying" the baritones were in their head voice. Altogether it gave a very good warm-up for the choir whether it be middle school, high school or even Advanced / Honor choir. :-)

I agree, Josh, this would be a very good warmup & tune-up song -- rounds do help you learn to listen. Thanks for writing out "Rose."

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