About Some Hard-to-Find Songs...

by Rose
(Sri lanka colombo)


Dear Dana,

I am Miss Rose. I introduce your web site for all my students in Sri Lanka. They said that they enjoyed it well. Most of them said that they like Spanish Lady song well.

Dana do you have any of these songs(vocals and piano music) which I have typed here. If you have any of these songs please kindly send me because I was searching them from long time. Here are the name of the songs:

1.Guilter - Spring is at the door(in D major)(Elkin)
2.Walford Davies - The Seal's Lullaby(in E major)(Novello)
3.Sterndale Bennett - sing maiden sing in D major) (novello)

Thank you,


Hello Rose,

Unfortunately two of these songs are still under copyright, so you would have to order them from a music store. Roger QUILTER, not Guilter, died in 1953, so his music is not public domain. Likewise Walford Davies' music is probably still copyrighted, as he died in 1941.

I do not see the Davies piece you are looking for anywhere, though Sheetmusicplus.com's composer list will take you to some of his vocal music.

Check out Roger Quilter 55 Songs for "Spring is At the Door."

"Sing, Maiden, Sing," is well out of copyright, but I can't find it for free or for sale either. Does anyone out there know of a place to find it? If I had an old copy of my own, it would be easy enough to put it into another key.

Look here for some piano music by William Sterndale Bennett:


Good luck! Dana

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